Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cousins at the Beach

Clay and Jarret worked hard making this village of castles. Jarret was the designer and creator. Clay was more of the digger and personal motivator. He kept yelling, "Come on we can do this!" "Ours is the best!" "We're going to win!" Jarret just kept plugging away even though little kids were tromping it down trying to help them. Jarret spent more than an hour on it. He, they, ended up winning the sand castle building contest. Clay was sure glad his cousin came to visit and play with him.

Lake Natomas

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Clay's Amazing Bed

He took all of the cushions to make his incredible bed/chair. Unfortunately that left no where for us to sit. But at least he was comfortable.
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El Dorado County Fair

Getting lost in the hay maze. Sort of.
These guys were too cute not to take a picture.
A pile of goats. How fun!
Clay was brave enough to drive the car by himself. He crashed a few times but that didn't stop him.

More LookAtMe LookAtMes

Doggy Pool

We picked up a cow trough for the dogs to cool off in for the hot days. We were hoping Jake wouldn't wander off to the neighbors pond if we had a pool for him. No such luck however.
Clay on the other hand loves it!
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Paradise..In the 60s

Here are just a few of the highlights of the cabin we bought and also why we aren't ready to invite friends up just yet.
The cabinets take some getting used to. The shake roof above the cabinets is cabiny, sort of. The moose and the trees might be cabiny but they have to go.
The toilet was stamped 1940.  That makes it 70 years old,  The cabin was built in the 60s so that means the toilet was already 20+ years old when it was  taken out of one old place and put into this one. They really don't make them like they used to. So we took it out, cleaned it up and put it right back in the bathroom.
The cabinets in the bathroom were child sized. They would have been awesome in a playhouse. When they came out they fell apart not because they were poorly made but because they were really well attached to the wall behind. 
Here's the swanky homemade lamp giving the only light in the main room. Not sure they ever made them like that before. Maybe it was high school shop project.  
Gold drapes, blue rockers and red carpeting.
Do you like how the wood stove is right in the middle of the room? There are plastic bags melted to the stove pipe from all the oopses and getting to close to it. I wonder how many people have been burned by this thing.
Blues and green bricks on the fireplace...nice.
The best is the the red, maroon and orange extra long and fuzzy shag carpeting. This picture just doesn't do it justice here. It was in great condition. There was even a brand new roll of it up in the attic but I couldn't get anyone to let me keep it. We probably could have made some extra cash off it for original 60s carpeting.

Cabin Snow

There was snow at the cabin all the way into the middle of June this year.
Clay made a snow fort.
And the kids made real snow cones.
Doesn't that look refreshing? That's not chocolate!
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First Trip to the Cabin

Here we go everyone!
Our first day trip to the cabin.
Emmie and Grandma trying to get it all cleaned out so we can stay in it and not be grossed out.
Cool! Look what we found in one of the closets! And we all got bulls eyes!
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Last Day of School 2010

This is Clay's kindergarten teacher Miss Trulock.
This is Emmie's first grade teacher Mrs. Bolster.
Clay and the kindergartners getting a good by squeeze from Miss Trulock.
Chloe giving Emmie a big hug goodbye. It's going to be such a long long summer without you all.
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